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November 11, 2013Allison Murray

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Happy Family

Gifts for my pets isn’t a new thing. When I was a kid we’d wrap gifts for our Boston Terriers, taping the dickens out of them, and let them tear at the package Christmas morning. It was a lot of fun but we had to remember to keep the gifts up and away from around the tree or the dogs, with their total lack of impulse control, would get into their gifts early.

Some said the whole thing was weird but I think my family was pretty well used to the label and we just kept on doing our thing. Little did we know we were just behind the curve. These days everybody gifts things for their pets and I think that is great. After all, in most cases pets aren’t just animals that live in our homes but family members.


So I think it’s pretty nifty that you can get a reward of sorts for rewarding your pets this holiday season. Buy any two PEDIGREE®, TEMPTATIONS®, CESAR® or SHEBA® products and you can enjoy a free holiday music download to share with the whole family (including any furry music lovers you might know).

Since I quite literally shop at Dollar General all of the time, I figure I could probably  get them all before Christmas but first  will be Frosty the SLOW Man. It will be the perfect addition to our Christmas Car Ride playlist while my sister and I take the boys to look at Christmas lights! (if you click on the song you can get a quick preview to be sure it’s to your taste)

So take advantage of a free song when buying 2 of these Pet Care products from Dollar General and keep the furry and human family members happy this Christmas season!

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