Amazing Gluten Free Cookies

December 5, 2014Allison Murray
Amazing gluten free cookie recipe roundup!

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Amazing gluten free cookie recipe roundup!

In my family I’ve always been the Christmas baker. My Mimmie will make the lemon meringue pie but the rest has always been up to me. Until I was diagnosed Celiac that is. It suddenly made sense why every Christmas my hands would break out in a terrible rash… it was from all the dang cookies I made!

But it was quite disappointing to not be able to make them for my friends, neighbors and family. One of my favorite Christmas memories is driving my Poppa through the Christmas lights show, but just prior he had to sneak back in “to use the bathroom” and snuck out an entire box of peanut butter cookies I had made. I listened to him munch on them all the way through :)


I made tons of cookies. Literally hundreds of cookies. Oatmeal chocolate chip, spicy oatmeal cranberry, peanut butter, chocolate crinkles, sugar cookies, glass cookies, pecan sandies, macaroons, shortbread and chocolate chip were made each and every year.

And the last few years there have been no cookies. And I’ve been sad about that. So I’m working on collecting some fabulous recipes that just might get me to start baking a ton come the days just prior to Christmas again! I hope you’ll check out my gluten free cookie roundup over at Foodie!

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