Food to be Thankful For – Thanksgiving Feast Recipes at Foodie

November 21, 2014Allison Murray
Food to be Thankful For - Thanksgiving Feast Recipes at Foodie

Thanks to for sponsoring this month’s collection of Thanksgiving feast foods!

Food to be Thankful For - Thanksgiving Feast Recipes at Foodie

Are you the cook come Thanksgiving? Because I’ve realized there are different roles we play. Let’s see… there is the one who cooks. The one who cooks something everybody tries to be nice but doesn’t want to eat because it’s terrible. The one who gets everybody riled up about football. The one who likes to bring out the cloth napkins. The one who can’t concentrate on Thanksgiving BECAUSE BLACK FRIDAY IS TOMORROW AND I HAVE TO PLAN WHERE I AM GOING WHEN AND WHAT I AM GETTING!!!

I am the one who cooks. My sister is the one who buys the food. My brother in law is the one who carves the turkey. My nephews are the ones who watch a cartoon about rescuing Thanksgiving turkeys and refuse to eat the feast, instead wanting pizza. (okay that was only last year but still, darn animation!)


I make the same things every year. Exact. Same. Things. Turkey. Ham. Mashed potatoes. Candied sweet potatoes. Green bean casserole. Cornbread stuffing. Chocolate cake. Pumpkin pie. And guess what? They all taste freaking amazing! But I’m getting a bit tired of the repetition. So I’ve decided to bring a new recipe or two into the mix this year. They may clamor for our traditional Thanksgiving dishes, but maybe we’ll add a new one here or there to keep for next year!

Check out my growing collection of Food to be Thankful for over at and see what I’m contemplating! And tell me, which is your favorite?

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