Finish out 2014 with a Bang!

December 21, 2014Allison Murray

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Although I haven’t had the opportunity to do it tons, I love to travel and I have decided that in 2015 I’m going to do my best to travel more. In fact, I’m hoping to finish up 2014 with a bang and do a little bit of travel in the last few week of this year.

In all honesty, it will probably involve some or all of my family. The last umpteen years, or as long as I have had nephews, we’ve had at least one big family get together/vacation/reunion. So we all hop in our cars and converge on some poor, unknowing place and do what our family does best.


Most years we all head to a lake and we hike and swim and fish. We will roast marshmallows and eat lots of bologna sandwiches and generally have a good old time. Sometimes we’ll head out with the mindset of doing things that my nephews would love all day every day. Water parks and LEGO land and things like that.

Most of the time all of us drive. Sometimes we’ll catch a plane but those instances are pretty rare these days. When we all get together we like to have our cars so if we need to get away from the fam for a bit we have means of escape!

I’m the farthest out from everyone. It’s a 2-3 hour drive to my sister’s depending on how fast I move it and how many stops I make (I MUST buy chocolate on the way down and on the way  home just because it’s the best).

To visit my parents is about 9 hours and to visit the rest of my family about 10-11. And now that I have it in my mind to travel a lot next year, mostly alone and mostly to Texas, I have decided to get a AAA membership. As a AAA member I don’t have to worry about the fact that I have no clue how to jack up my car in the event a tire needs changing or because I left a light on in my car over night and now my battery is dead and my car won’t start.

AAA also has a pretty awesome TripTik Travel planner to help you find where to stay and where to stop at and detailed maps for all along your way.

And I was pretty stoked when I learned that as a member I’ll get some awesome discounts and incentives to stay at Best Western hotels.

And with over 4,000 Best Westerns to choose from, I’m sure there will always be one pretty nearby to where I want to be. PLUS they’ve got fast Wi-Fi (a must for a self employed blogger, really). And with Best Western Promotion for AAA Members I know that I’ll get one heck of a deal. AND if I join in on the Best Western Rewards program I’ll be doubly set because as a member of AAA and the Rewards program I’ll get even better deals and more savings which means more travel!

In these last few weeks of 2014, whether you head down to the nice, warm beaches and coast or head up to the lands of skiing and snow (or just want to hit up that drive through zoo) with AAA and Best Western Rewards you’ll be able to do it for a great price!

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