Caturday! My Favorite Crafty Cat Pics on the Blog

February 22, 2014Allison Murray
This heart button art tutorial is easy enough for kids but makes some super cute decor adults love, too! Great for home decor on a budget!


There have been TONS of cat pics that have graced the screens of this blog. And to be honest, at first I tried desperately to keep them out of the limelight.

I was afraid having cats in my pics was unprofessional. Or maybe would think I truly am crazy with my 4 furry felines. Whatever the reason I tried desperately to keep them away from my blog.

But then one day I was just done with trying to keep them away. Have you ever heard the phrase, like trying to herd cats? Well, it’s a well known phrase for a reason. Because it’s freaking impossible. Besides I enjoy having them around and I’m not one of those people who gets angry at the cat swiping at my yarn while I’m crocheting. It’s just like an obstacle course for the crafty.


Check out my crafty clowder:

Know how to chain and how to do the slip stitch? This pattern is a must learn!

Sometimes they’re just barely there.

This heart button art tutorial is easy enough for kids but makes some super cute decor adults love, too! Great for home decor on a budget!

And sometimes they just come in and plop right own down on the project.


And it gets to the point where you just work around them.

This loop crochet stitch makes a loopy fabric that is too cute. Strands an be cut for a "hairy" look, too!

And other times they decide to jack your stuff.


And sometimes you might not even realize it until you’re editing photos.


And other times you learn lessons. Like to kick the cat out BEFORE opening the catnip.

Felt Zombie Catnip Filled Cat Toys Tutorial

And sometimes it takes a few times to really learn the lesson.

Marla digs catnip.

Because cats LOVE their catnip.


But even if they sometimes get in the way…


It doesn’t really hurt.

And they really like being around.

Stitching plastic canvas is cheap and super easy!

And, of course, they’re naturally curious.

And besides. You know what plain white tennis shoes look like by now.

Get your very own December to DIY for kit from Darby Smart and make a fun marquee sign!

And when you have so many craft loving cats, there’s going to be the occasional disagreement…


But I love having crafty cats and these days they will always be welcome in my craft room :) Happy Caturday!

Comments (5)

  • Estefania

    February 22, 2014 at 11:35 AM

    “And other times they decide to jack your stuff.” hahahah your cats are really cuuutes ^^ and fun. I love crafty cats too :) nice blog and nice tutorials ;P

  • Lauren @ The Thinking Closet

    February 22, 2014 at 8:18 PM

    Yep. This post is getting pinned. I mean, cats and crafting? Plus a gif? I’m in heaven. ;-)

  • Jeanine

    February 25, 2014 at 6:57 AM

    LOL HAHAH!! I LOVE this post!! We always had a cat or six, since inwas born. This is the first time we actually dont. I am certain it wont stay this way for long though lol. At one point we lived with more animals than people & there wasnt a photo taken that didnt have one of them in it! ;) Makes me miss the cats so much seeing this post. I wouldnt change a THING about your blog & I am HAPPY when i see your cat shares ;)

  • Rebecca

    March 2, 2014 at 6:31 PM

    The catnip picture is hilarious! I LOVE it! What a great shot… funny! We have 5 and they are into everything. Isn’t that why we have cats, because they are part of the family, because we love to interact with them, because we just love them!

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