Faux Hexagon Quilt Boho Bag

April 9, 2016Allison Murray
Make this super amazing quilted hexagon boho bag that isn't really quilted at all. So pretty and so smart!

Make this super amazing quilted hexagon boho bag that isn't really quilted at all. So pretty and so smart!

So I’m pretty stoked with my new quilted hexagon boho bag that I made and shared over at iLoveToCreate this week. I mean, it’s seriously the perfect beach bag. PERFECT.

It would also be awesome for every day or picnics or whatever but this is my new fave bag for my new fave place… the beach! Being landlocked for ALL of my life I enjoyed going to the lake but was always worried those turtles with the long necks that look like snakes swimming through the water scared me to death. Maybe even more than the water moccasins that I was so fearful of because I don’t know that I ever actually saw one of those. But those dang turtles, man, they were everywhere!

Make this super amazing quilted hexagon boho bag that isn't really quilted at all. So pretty and so smart!

I guess the Gulf of Mexico has its own baddie creatures I should worry about. The only ones I’ve actually seen myself are jellyfish and after watching the movie “The Paperboy” I’m even more worried about the whole getting stung scenario. On a side note have you ever seen that movie? It’s freaking weird, dude. Like there’s this chick played by Nicole Kidman who likes writing to prisoners and then she finds one she’s really into and she gets a newspaper involved to help prove he’s innocent. So these paper guys come to help out and one of them, Mathew McConaughey, is actually going back to his hometown and his little brother played by Zac Efron. So they are trying to get this creepy guy out and Efron falls in love with Kidman and she’s still all about her convict and it’s just nuts. It’s. Just. Nuts. But I guess I’d watch it again so I guess I’d kind of recommend it. If it’s free on Netflix, then what the hey, right?

But getting back to this AWESOME hobo bag I made, it’s super easy to do and the results are super amazing. I think it’s a project that actually turned out better in real life than it did in my head and for that I’m totally stoked. So if you have a plain bag (or if you can grab one on clearance at Michael’s like I did) and you want to gussy that puppy up, meet me over at iLoveToCreate! 

Make this super amazing quilted hexagon boho bag that isn't really quilted at all. So pretty and so smart!

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  • Mike

    April 9, 2016 at 7:03 PM

    Hey Allison! How’s it going? I want to say that I’m so sorry that I haven’t been present on your blog in a while. I’ve been sort of in incognito mode lately I guess you could say. I’ve been SUPER busy these last few weeks. I just recently changed jobs (sort of; still at the library, just in a different dept.) and have had a bit of, shall we say, ill fated luck the past few weeks; dealing with a few struggles and challenges that has sort of kept me down, but not knocked me out (thankfully!).

    So anyway, I will try to be more present on here whenever I can be and I know that I have a lot of catching up to do, but I’ll do the best that I can. :)

    Hey, I love your hexagon quilt bag that you have here! So colorful! Again, like we said before, incorporating color into one’s life is a great way to help keep you positive and happy and I’ve been trying to do that myself lately.

    And you’re right! It’s like the perfect bag for a great place like the beach. I’d like to travel to one of them someday and see the ocean for myself. I bet it’s a beautiful sight. :)

    I haven’t seen that movie that you mentioned but it does sound quite bizarre as you described it. I haven’t seen any movies lately as things have just been too crazy for me to even sit down and enjoy one but I am thinking that I will be able to do this soon. Once I prove to my new employer that I’m a hard worker, I can maybe ask for some time off (I have like a ton of vacation time built up but rarely use) so I can have a “me day” and totally relax for a change.

    Anyway, again, so sorry for the huge absence! I kept thinking that I would come on here to write something to your awesome blog posts but always had something else to do. :( But don’t worry. I’ll make some time and will respond to as many posts as I can soon.
    I appreciate your patience!

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