Fairytale Paper Lantern

November 7, 2015RaChil Luke

I’ve been giving my office a makeover just like Ms. Allison and that entails completely reorganizing my supplies. In the giant mess that was my office I found some colorful tissue paper that I’d forgotten about and I really wanted to think of a craft to incorporate it into. From that idea, this Fairytale paper lantern was born!


  • 3 sheets thick cardstock (mine’s glittery)
  • Pendent lamp fixture
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Xacto Knife
  • Glue
  • Tissue Paper
  • This Pattern (Part 1, Part 2)

Step 1: Cut out your paper pattern.
Trace the lantern shape 3 times and then on the 4th don’t include the triangles. So 3 full copies, and one half copy. Also trace the square with a circle in it (that’s the top).

Step 2: Using your Xacto knife and ruler, cut all of your pieces out, including the triangles inside the panes.
Here’s what you should be left with.
Step 3: Again using the ruler, run the back of the blade down the tab/fold lines that appear on the pattern, scoring the fold.

Fold your scored lines to strengthen the crease.

Here’s what you should have.


Step 4: Use the triangles you cut out of your panels as patterns for the “stained glass” part of your lantern. Cut about 1/4 in. larger than the shapes.

Use small amounts of glue (I smeared a little along each seam with a q-tip) to attach the colored “glass” to the back of your panel.

Here is what the front and back of each pane should look like. Repeat for the other 2 panes.


Step 5: Glue your panes together. Let each part dry thoroughly before attaching the next piece, otherwise it will try to fall apart on you!

When the long sides have dried, move onto the short angled sides of the same pieces before trying to attach the next pane.

When you’ve got all the pieces connected, clothes pins can help keep everything together while you wait for the last bits of glue to try.


Step 6: Cut a few little slits around the circle on the top of your lantern. This will allow the plug to slip through but not the part that holds the bulb.

Apply glue to the top of the tabs of your top-lantern piece. Insert from the bottom of the lantern and press firmly to secure.

Here is what the inside of your lantern will look like. Isn’t it kind of mesmerizing? Like a kaleidoscope.
shouldlooklikeGo ahead and  insert your bulb fixture by pushing the plug through from this side.

Insert a 50 wt. bulb and you’re good to go! I love the cheery pink and blue light that this lamp casts but with my camera skills I just can’t capture it right.

Here’s it with the light off.

Think of how cute a string of these hanging from the ceiling could be!

Til Next Time!
RaChil Luke

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