How to sew a fabric basket in 30 minutes

July 13, 2016Ama Ryllis

diy sewing basket 1

Little baskets are so useful all around the house. You can store your jewelry or drop your coins in them, you can also use them to organize your drawers. This fabric basket is so easy to make that you will sew several at once. You can start thinking at all the way you gonna use them!

To make one basket, you will need two square of fabric of 12 x 12 in. , matching thread, a round shape of more or less 11 in. diameter (a pan will works great), scissors, a pencil and some pins.

diy sewing basket 2

Draw the circle shape on the back of both fabric. Try to select thick fabric so you basket will be sturdy enough.

diy sewing basket 3

Cut out the circle shapes.

diy sewing basket 4

Place both fabric pieces on top of each other, wrong sides inside, pin and sew along the edges. Try to sew as close as the edge as you can, like 1/4 in. distance. Leave an unsew gap of 2 in.

diy sewing basket 5

Turn the fabrics right side out and make a few hand stitches to close the opening. Iron the seams.

diy sewing basket 6

Fold the piece in the middle, and mark the lines to sew the basket corners. The lines are 2 1/2 in. long and are placed at a 30 degree angle from the fold. Sew along the lines.

diy sewing basket 7

Fold the basket in the opposite way, to make the other two corners of the basket. You won’t be able to make a perfect fold, just be sure that the first two seams are on top of each others. Then trace two lines the exact same way you did before. Sew and unfold the basket! And done!

diy sewing basket 8

diy sewing basket 9

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