Escape Winter – Visit Gulf County! #GCFLnofilter

November 24, 2014Allison Murray
Visit Gulf County Florida!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gulf County, Florida for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


Every winter I figure it won’t be long before I’ll get used to the cold. That first cold snap and I am whining and complaining and generally in a foul mood. The first snow and I freak out about whether I have everything I need or if I’ll do without when I get stuck in my own home for a few days. The cold makes my hands hurt, my skin hurt and it just feels awful to me. And every year I don’t get used to it… not even close.

The Oklahoma winters keep getting colder and colder making the season more and more unbearable to me. I find myself wanting to escape to some place warm, with sand and surf and palm trees! Someplace where I can shuck my winter coat and run around in a sun dress and smell like coconuts from all of the suntan oil I’m wearing. Doesn’t that sound amazing?


I am also a small town girl and have lived in a town with a population of about 5,000 for a decade now. Don’t get me wrong, I can totally rock the crowded highways of big cities, but I prefer not to. My ideal vacation to relax and unwind would not be some big bustling city, but instead an area with a much slower pace.


Now, have you ever heard of Gulf County in Florida? I had not. And it turns out that this is one amazing little place that I definitely want to pack up my flip flops and get to. Here are the reasons why I’d love to visit this no hurry no worry destination:

  • GCFL has 43 miles of beaches with not a single skyscraper in sight!
  • Their motto is Uncrowded. Untouched. Unspoiled. That in an of itself speaks volumes!
  • There aren’t only beaches, but also bayous and lots of interesting wildlife to be seen (I LOVE animals).
  • It’s in 2 timezones which I think is super cool even if that is silly!
  • Gulf County is renowned for its beautiful sunsets, so much so that the area has a hashtag dedicated to it! #championofsunsets
  • GCFL is consistently rated one of the top 10 beach destinations to bring your pets (still love animals)!
  • The area is known to be laid back and slow paced, the perfect place to unplug and refresh!
  • Travellers that visit Gulf County come back again and again. You don’t have that kind of loyalty to a place you don’t enjoy visiting.
  • There arelots of fun winter Winter Fun Events the area puts on to keep guests entertained and happy so you’re never left wondering what to do next!


Add in that I absolutely want to see a sunset like that and I’m all but desperate to visit and dig my toes in the sand.Come visit GCFL and prepare for an absolutely amazing time warming up those cold bones and kicking up your heels! And tell me… what would you love to do while in Gulf County Florida?

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