Embossed Metal Buttons

June 25, 2015RaChil Luke

Sometimes you have to take chances and see how things come out. This weekend I went shopping with my mom and her amazingly nice friend who took us shopping downtown in boutiques I would not even be allowed in normally. (I kid there but I would/could never willingly shop in such establishments.) Although some of the stuff was too fancy/girly for me I ended up finding a couple of dresses and some cute shorts with major embroidery on them. The second I got home and put on the shorts, the button popped right off! Since I don’t have the tools necessary to reattach a metal closure I decided to mend the problem with a button from my stash, but I didn’t have any cool buttons of the right size. Just two boring grey metal buttons.

I decided to experiment! In this project, I had embossed metal before so I decided I wanted to see what I could do with a whole bunch of embossing powder and my imagination. Find out what my methods are below!


  • Embossing Powder
  • Embossing Fluid (Stamp pads or pens)
  • Heat Tool
  • Metal Buttons
  • Heat-Safe Surface (I’m using a $1 white tile from Lowes)

Step 1: Cover the top of your button with embossing fluid.

Step 2: Pour your choice of embossing powders onto your button.
Step 3: I somehow missed photographing this step while actually crafting but there is an example shot below. Move your button to your heat safe surface and use your tool gun to heat up your embossing powder til it liquifies.  Repeat steps two and three as needed!


That’s it folks! It’s an easy experiment. Read on for some tips and my results!

It’s alright if you miss spots or if your fingers remove some of the powder when you set the button down on your heat safe surface.The button below has already been “fired” once and now I’m touching up to get a whole base layer of purple.


Apply your second color by using your pen to apply fluid to the button and then pour more embossing powder on there. I did this speckled one and a half-and-half. I really wish I’d had more buttons or even more metal to experiment with!


Close up! I’m pretty sure I’m going to use this one for my fancy pants (shorts actually but that doesn’t rhyme)


I like how both of the buttons came out drastically different. The green-blue one looks like glazed ceramic and the purple-copper one looks like molten metal was dripped all over a ceramic button!


You can use this technique to make this Bloody Ax necklace for the horror lover in your life!

Til Next Time!

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