The easy way to make wall banner flags

April 23, 2017Ama Ryllis

I like to change decor often, which sometime desperate my husband. He’s never sure what he’s going to find when he gets back home! I don’t like to spend a lot of money for an ephemeral decoration. So I try to use what I have a around! It’s exactly what I did by upcycling cereal boxes into nice wall banner flags. The cardboard of the cereal boxes work perfectly, thick enough to not curl with the paint and easy to cut with a cutter.

Materials you will need: some cereal boxes, scissors, a cutter, a ruler, some acrylic paint, a brush, a pencil, some glue and some rope.


Cut the side of the cereal boxes to have cardboard rectangles.

Apply some acrylic paint on the brown side of the cardboard. You may need to apply several coat to have a bright and uniform color.

Trace the letters of the words of quote you want to have on your banner flag. You can also add some simple drawings to cut out as a heart, a leaf or a star.

With the cutter, carefully cut every letter or drawing shape. You can help yourself using a ruler for the straight lines if you like too. If some of your pencil lines remain visible after cutting the letters, you can carefully erase them.

On the back of the cardboard, draw the tip of the banner and cut it out.

Cut a piece of rope or embroidery thread. Glue it on each upper corner of the back of the banner. It look nicer if you use a thread color that match you paint shade. If you don’t have a glue gun, white glue or a piece of tape will work as great.

Hang your banner flags on the wall with a piece of washi tape or a push pin. Enjoy you new wall decor! Don’t hesitate to be creative with the words and quotes you display. For example your child’s name will be perfect for a kid’s bedroom. If you like wall decor, you may want to have a look a this DIY display.

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