Easy Fingerless Gloves Tutorial

November 22, 2014Allison Murray
Turn socks into fingerless gloves. Easy peasy!

Turn socks into fingerless gloves. Easy peasy!

I hate the cold. I hate it, hate it, hate it. I remember being a kid and being out in the snow. It was supposed to be fun. It was not fun. My sister and I wailed and cried about how our hands burned. In our little kid brains it made absolutely no sense how it could be so freaking cold outside but our hands were burning. To be honest, I’m still not sure why that happens. I am sure that I hate it though.

When it gets cold here in Oklahoma I get whiny. My skin gets dry and it hurts, my arthritis acts up and it hurts and then I’m trying to work with hands that feel like ice cubes. Even inside, even with the heater on, somehow my hands are freezing cold.

Turn socks into fingerless gloves. Easy peasy!

Which leads me to the question… why is it that when it is 72 in the house in the summer while wearing minimal clothing I can still feel hot? But in winter, I can kick that heater up to 75 and I still have to wear sweats and carry a blanket around with me like I’m Linus and I still feel cold? It makes  no sense!

To cut this diatribe short, I started wearing fingerless gloves a few years back. They keep my hands warmer than they would be but don’t prevent me from being able to work. But you can’t always find cute ones or cheap ones or any ones sometimes. So I bought some socks and have been making my own ever since. Want to see how? Head on over to iLoveToCreate to see how!

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