Getting Fit and Keeping Hydrated

February 16, 2015Allison Murray
Drip Drop rehydrates you and tastes great.

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Drip Drop rehydrates you and tastes great.

One of my resolutions the past umpteen years has been to get fit. And guess what? It has always fallen by the wayside which is exactly why I can declare it a resolution again and again and again.

I’m so proud of myself though because I’m actually getting with it this year. Like totally! I’m eating healthier and cleaner. My snack choices are more natural and I’m trying to stay away from processed foods. I’m drinking tons of water to stay hydrated and my skin is all the better for it. I can tell that I’m smoother and softer and that’s all from water consumption.


I’ve also started exercising. I’m not going to act like I’m hitting the gym for hours every day (or even every week) because I’ve decided that type of thing just ain’t my thang. Know what I mean?

So instead of taking on the treadmill I’m walking the dog. Rather than doing sit ups I’m going around the house scrubbing all of the floors on my hands and knees (and if you say that isn’t a workout then your floors probably aren’t as clean as mine because you haven’t been down there). And when this weakling tries to get all physical she sweats. I guess it’s an out of shape thing.

Drip Drop rehydrates you and tastes great.
These days I eat grapes. Because I’m all healthy like that.

Right after a big day of all sorts of activity is when I find myself feeling more dehydrated than normal. And that’s saying something because dehydration is just a problem for me. My doc has me keep an eye out for bulging veins on my hands. When that happens I’m supposed to super hydrate. I was pretty excited to try Drip Drop just because of that. Knowing that it’s 34% more capable of hydrating me than sports drinks and filled full of the good stuff a dehydrated gal needs to get hydrated (like electrolytes) it just seemed a really good fit for me.

So I head on into CVS and beeline straight on over to the baby aisle where I have my choice between lemon or berry flavored Drip Drop. And since I’m all about some lemonade I quickly snatched the lemon and hit the bricks.

Drip Drop rehydrates you and tastes great.

I laid out my exercise clothes and got ready to walk Miss Lucy the mixed breed beauty that I had the pleasure of keeping company with. Now I decided not to actually put my exercise gear on in the end because my sweats and tee shirt I already had on were pretty comfy but I give myself an A for effort.

Now the actually walking wasn’t nearly as brisk as I’d like. Miss Lucy is the type of girl that likes to stop and smell the flowers. Over and over and over again. But when we headed on out to the soccer field and I let her off of that leash, girl gave me a workout like none other! I was chasing and being chased and running harder than I have in ages. After getting all sweaty and out of breath I headed home to try out this Drip Drop and having a cool shower.

Drip Drop rehydrates you and tastes great.

It’s pretty easy stuff. You mix these little packets with water (cold works the best) and then you drink it. Not exactly rocket science is it? I was pleased to find that it did make a difference. Normally I’ll stand by the kitchen sink and drink a glass only to fill it again and have another one or one and a half. But after y lemon-y water filled with the electrolytes and other goodness I was cool and didn’t feel the need to chug straight off of the kitchen faucet.

In summation this stuff is pretty awesome. The lemon was a bit more lemon-y than I bargained for (isn’t it weird how sometimes you just can’t be happy?) I want to give the berry a try next. So the next time I get to exercising I’ll end that session with Drip Drop too. Because that sloshy belly thing I normally have after drinking so much water is distracting!

Get a cool buck off of your purchase of Drip Drop at CVS with this coupon while supplies last available through 2/21 and give it a go!

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  • remade in Britain

    February 16, 2015 at 8:41 AM

    Sounds like a good product. Keeping hydrated isn’t as simple as it sounds, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Mike

    February 16, 2015 at 2:51 PM

    Hey Allison! Congrats on your switch over to a new and healthy life style! I’ve been on the “health train” for a while now, and I can clearly testify that I feel so much better since. I’ve been hitting the gym (as to say the little workout room in the basement of our apartment building), trying to squeeze in 45 minutes of exercise on an exercise bike 3 times a week. I don’t always make it for the 3rd time as I’m usually so busy doing other things (which also involve me being active) but I do my best.

    And I agree with you. The whole cleaning of one’s home is indeed a workout, believe me. It takes me all day to clean my place and by the time I’m done, I felt like I had worked out all day as I am very thorough with my cleaning, scrubbing counter tops, the bath tub and sinks, getting all those nooks and crannies that most people tend to forget. Really gives your arm quite a workout, doesn’t it? I don’t do weightlifting or push-ups or anything of that nature because I hate ‘em. But this makes a great substitute!

    And my diet has changed all for the better lately too. I drink lots of water (especially in the summer), staying away from sugary drinks mainly and my meals have been simpler and more healthy too. A bowl of oatmeal and a piece of fruit (apple, pear or banana, my favs!) for breakfast, green veggies (spinach is my fav!) steamed rice and a boiled egg (for protein) for my lunch and dinner is whatever my mom decides to fix.  And I can truly see the fruits of my labor paying off too. I have more energy during the day, I feel better and not as tired when take the steps at work or at home (more of that than using the elevator) and I just feel lighter! I remember thinking how could I have thought that I felt good before I started all of this? I was fooling myself. And believe it or not, what truly got me started on this, in part, was a bad tooth. But that is another story for another day!
    Anyway, thanks for sharing! It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who is trying to be healthy (and stay that way!)

    Stay awesome!

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