Dot and Dash DIY Mugs

September 20, 2015Allison Murray
Draw seriously permanent designs on mugs that won't wash off. Food safe,too!

Draw seriously permanent designs on mugs that won't wash off. Food safe,too!

If you haven’t heard about them yet, listen up… iLoveToCreate has made some amazing markers and ceramics called PaintedbyMe.  They are easy to use because they’re pretty much just like a marker. In fact if you’ve used any paint markers that you have to shake to keep the paint going and start by pushing the tip down to get the paint flowing you’re already set to rock these guys.

Why am I so stoked you might ask? Because these are DISHWASHER SAFE and they are also FOOD SAFE when used together (markers to the ceramics of the PaintedbyMe line). Sharpies wash off. I don’t care what anyone says after a bit of time it does come off. We all gave it the good old college try but that ship has sailed. Buh-bye.

These mugs you wouldn’t even know were made at home. After baking the paint sets up so nicely that it looks professionally fired or whatever they do. It’s truly amazing.

Draw seriously permanent designs on mugs that won't wash off. Food safe,too!

I’ve made two sets of mugs now and I’m so stoked about them. Mr. Rob and I are setting up house and I’m searching high and low for black and white dinnerware that we love. And since it hasn’t exactly been super easy, making my own has been fabulous.

I envision lots of hot chocolates and hot green tea lattes enjoyed in these pretty mugs and I’m really proud that I’ll be able to say that I made them :)

Head on over to iLoveToCreate to see all about them and how to rock out your own DIY painted mugs. It’s super easy because the vast majority of the designs are flat out dots and dashes. So even if youc an’t draw, if you’ve got the dot and dash down, come on over and make your own!

Draw seriously permanent designs on mugs that won't wash off. Food safe,too!

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  • Mike

    September 20, 2015 at 12:35 PM

    Wow Allison! Your mugs are neat-o fabulous! I would like a mug like the ones you made. So cool!

    And yes, I’ve had the pleasure of using those paint markers that you were talking about. It was fun because I was asked to create art for our library’s windows a few years back. I had never used those before but they were so fun to work with and so fun to do! Kinda like doing graffiti without the whole vandalism side of it and having to worry about the police catching you.

    Probably the only chance I had to do graffiti! :)

    Anyway, you’re right about the sharpies. It may say “permanent” on the marker. But wash it enough times and even it starts to fade over time.

    But yeah, great job with these mugs! If I saw these in a store somewhere, I would surly buy one! Love the bright colors! You would have loved the craft and arts fair that I was at yesterday. Your mugs would have fit in nicely!

    Good luck in finding your black and white dinnerware! Love the dichotomous theme you’re going for. :)

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