26 Amazing and Doable Shoe Makeovers – Roundup at iLTC!

May 5, 2014Allison Murray
26 Fab and Totally Doable Shoe Makeovers

26 Fab and Totally Doable Shoe Makeovers

Oh boy, oh boy do I have quite a roundup for you over at iLoveToCreate today! Over there I’ve found a whopping 26 pairs of super great shoes that all use iLoveToCreate products. From Tacky Glue to Fabric Paint to Tie Dye Kits and Fabric Markers there are an absolute TON of shoes that you’re sure to be desperate to DIY yourself.

We’ve got something for everyone…From the bright and colorful to the understated black and white. From super cute for the kiddies to an absolute NEED for any adult’s wardrobe. And the patterns, oh the patterns, from ikat to chevron to leopard print. I absolutely guarantee you that somewhere in these 26 sets of totally awesome kicks you’re going to be inspired to get out there and make!

So get on over there and check it out! 26 Fab and Totally Doable Shoe Makeovers (including one or two or three of my own :) See you there!

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