DIY Wine cup tags

December 28, 2016Ama Ryllis


If you plan on hosting a New year’s eve party or any other drink to celebrate 2017, you will totally need these wine cup tags! These nice star tags will allow each guest to easily identify their glass. It will also save you from endless dishes washing or unnecessary waste of disposable tableware.


You may not have a lot of time left to complete your party organization, so to make it easier, you can download the free tag template HERE.


You just need to print the template on a colored or patterned sheet of paper and use a pair of scissors to cut out the star shapes following the template. I will suggest you to print on the back of the paper to keep a nice and clean design (without any lines) on the front.


You can use a sharpie to write the name of you guest on each star tag.  If you host a dinner, you can also use the wine cup tags to place people around the table.


Place the tag around the wine glass by sliding the notches into each others. If you use a paper thick enough you won’t even need to add glue.


Make as much tags as your guests and let’s start the party! Enjoy your New Eve’s night! I wish you a wonderful 2017!


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