DIY terrazzo paper

August 13, 2017Ama Ryllis

Sadly summer time is almost over, but we can make back to school more fun by adding a touch of terrazzo to our office supplies. You couldn’t have missed the terrazzo trend. It’s all over for interior decor and home accessories. It’s quite simple to create a beautiful terrazzo paper and there is several way to use it. For example to cover a notebook or a cardboard box, to upgrade a pencil holder, or simply as a gift wrap.

Here is the material you will need to create your terrazzo paper: Several color paper sheets, a large white paper sheet, scissors, a brush and white glue.


You will use the colored paper to simulate the small stones that appear in the terrazzo cement. Cut the colored sheets into several strips of different thickness.

Take each strip and cut it into small pieces, you basically need to make geometrical confetti. Try to have a variety of shape and size.

Put some glue on the large white sheet and spread with a brush to have a thin layer. As you don’t want the glue to dry before finishing, try to work one small area at the time.

Sprinkle the paper pieces over the glue. Eventually add or remove some paper pieces to have a nice finish. Repeat the process several time until all your sheet is covered with the paper pieces.

And done, your terrazzo paper is ready. There is countless way you can use it. I choose to cover a pencil holder and my notebook with it. So tell me, how would you like to use your terrazzo paper?


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