DIY shibori dyeing

July 27, 2016Ama Ryllis

diy shibori dyeing cushion 1

Shibori is a dyeing technique, how consist on folding, compressing and tying piece of fabric to dye them into indigo. Inspirated by this technique I wanted to give a try using two different dye color. It was quite fun to make and I’m quite pleased with the results. I picked a yellow and brown dye shade, but fell free to use the colors you like.

diy shibori dyeing cushion 2

As my plan was to make cushions I worked with two rectangles of cotton of  a yard long by 15 inches high.

diy shibori dyeing cushion 3

I make 4 folds lenght wide and iron them to make the pleats.

diy shibori dyeing cushion 4

With the first fabric rectangle, I made verticals folds and end up with a square shape. And for the other piece, I worked with vertical and obliquely folds to have a triangle at the end. Fold the fabric in one side then on the other

diy shibori dyeing cushion 5

To hold the fabric folded, place them between two dowels ties together.

diy shibori dyeing cushion 6

Take two containers and mix the dye with water following the package instructions.

diy shibori dyeing cushion 7

Dip a corner of the fabric in the dye, let it soak until all the fabric layers take color. Allow the fabric to drain for a few minutes, and then make the same for the opposite corner in the second dye color. Unfold the fabric, and depending on the dye package instruction, you may need to rinse the fabric. Then let it dry.

diy shibori dyeing cushion 8

You can finally have a look at the pattern!!! Here is the last steps to turn your rectangle into a simple cushion cover. Iron the fabric, make a small fold at each end of the short side and sew.

diy shibori dyeing cushion 9

Fold the fabric to have a rectangle of  14 inches high, and 15 inches width. On the back, the fabric ends must covered each others. The fabric must be placed wrong side out. Make a seam on each side, and turn the cushion cover right side out. Slip a 14 x 14 inches cushion inside and enjoy your bi-color shibori cushion. I’m o happy with those new cuchion covers, thay are the perfect match with our DIY painted headboard.

diy shibori dyeing cushion 11

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