DIY Reversible No Sew Placemats

July 8, 2014Allison Murray

DIY Reversible No Sew Placemats

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Houston and will soon be making it my home. I’ve lived here before but just for short amounts of time. In fact, just during summers when I was in college way back when. It would seem that the occasional visit and 4 summers spent here was not enough to save me from the awfulness that is Houston heat and humidity. I am so jealous of the girls with their super pretty makeup while I walk around with raccoon eyes and a perpetually red face.

DIY Reversible No Sew Placemats

But summer living in Houston means being outside all of the time. I’ve told myself that I absolutely MUST get away from the tee shirts and toward tank tops. I mean, I can totally rock a farmer tan but this is getting a bit ridiculous.


And since we’re spending so much time outdoors, I thought I’d make some outdoor placemats in fun, summer inspired prints. Get the full tutorial at Mom Spark! Oh, did I mention these suckers are completely no sew?

Oh, and just in case you caught it, that’s totally my mom’s good China, straight out the China cabinet because it was the closest thing to neutral I could find! Luckily, no fancy dishware was ruined in spite of the fact that a ginormous boxer came to visit (hey, Sailor!) and hop all around!

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  • Cindy

    July 8, 2014 at 7:49 PM

    Loving the NO SEW thing as my machine is out of order right now, actually just hoping to get a new machine instead of spending money getting this one fixed, lol!!! Love the colors!!! Enjoy!

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