DIY Ombre Sneakers in Any Color!

August 5, 2014Allison Murray
Make a pair of ombre sneakers in any color!

Make a pair of ombre sneakers in any color!

It seems to be years since I last did a shoe makeover. Which is crazy because I used to knock one out week after week. Nowadays I am busy wearing the bazillion pairs of shoes I have made. Or my sister is. Either way my closet has been pretty full up.

So these days when I get a hankering to DIY up a pair of kicks it’s normally for an idea I just can’t resist trying out or when an idea is presented to me that I want to see if I can make a reality. In this case I first started off tying to dye a pair of sneakers and that failed miserably. BUT they turned into something pretty darn cool instead...

But I was able to make this ombre sneaker project happen and I’m really happy with the results. So head on over to Mom Spark to learn how to make a pair of ombre sneakers in any color!

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