How to make a leather notebook cover

January 15, 2016Ama Buffin

diy leather notebook cover 1

Even if we live surrounded by smart phone, tablets and computers, a simple note book is still useful. I have one, where I sketch, write down some ideas and my to-do-lists! I like it even better if it looks pretty. So, we will turn a boring spiral notebook into a stunning accessory using just a piece of leather (or faux leather).

diy leather notebook cover

Material & tools:

  • Leather or faux-leather
  • a spiral notebook
  • suede cordon
  • cutter & scissors

Open the notebook you want to cover and place it on the leather. Cut a leather piece 1/4 inch wider than the notebook. On one side leave an extra 3 inch leather to make the flap.

diy leather notebook cover 3

Wrap the leather piece around the notebook, leaving the extra length for the flap on the back. Mark two points on the fold.

diy leather notebook cover 4

Exactly on the points you drawn, make two little holes in the cover.

diy leather notebook cover 5

Cut a long piece of suede cordon ( 30 inch if you cover a A5 notebook ) and pass it into the holes.

diy leather notebook cover 6

Open the leather cover and place the notebook on it. You will use the codon to attach them together. To do so, pass the edges of  the codon into the spirals, one downwards and the other upwards.

diy leather notebook cover 7

Next, pass the cordon through the cover again, the extremities have to be on the outside. Thigh the cordon a little and make a knot.

diy leather notebook cover 8

To be able to close the book, make two holes on the flap center. Leave a distance of 1 inch between each other.

diy leather notebook cover 9

Cut a 50 inches cordon, fold it in the middle and pass it through the holes. Put the ends into the loop and tight.

diy leather notebook cover 10

And done! You just turn a boring spiral book into an awesome notebook. Enjoy! If you like leather accessories you may enjoy those hair clips.

diy leather notebook cover 11

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