DIY Leather Hair Bows at Mom Spark!

January 7, 2014Allison Murray


To be honest, I hadn’t really considered wearing hair bows since 1992 or so… But when I was asked to make some DIY hair bows for Mom Spark I started thinking and brainstorming about making some of the accessories that were a bit more grown up than the grosgrain ribbon versions I sported as a kid.

The material I just kept coming back to was leather. So a quick trip to the hobby store and I was knocking out hair bows easy as you please with nothing more than scissors and a hot glue gun. In the end, I’m super happy with the results.

DIY Leather Hair Bows at Mom Spark!

And when a quick search online showed me that leather hair bows can sell for $50+ I knew I made the right call with DIY!

You, too, can make these stylish and more adult hair bows with the full tutorial over at Mom Spark! Check it out: DIY Leather Hair Bows Tutorial.

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  • Midsommarflicka

    January 7, 2014 at 5:12 PM

    Ooooh! That’s always the point, where I’m annoyed of my hair while every one else loves this fact: They are SO thick! I’m not able to wear any pigtails, braids or accessories in my hair :(
    Your bows are really cute! I may have to think about other uses for them! :)

    Love, Midsommarflicka

    1. Allison

      January 10, 2014 at 10:58 AM

      I actually have a different use for them coming up tomorrow! And I can’t say that I understand your woes. My hair is baby fine and I’d kill for thick hair. Grass is greener, I suppose :)

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