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June 13, 2016Ama Buffin

diy hair tie customization 1

An easy way to jazz up your daily hair style is using pretty homemade hair ties. No matter if you are a french braid expert or if you wear just a ponytail, a pretty hair tie is always a nice detail to wear. Today I will show you three ways to customize your hair ties.

#1 Beaded hair tie

diy hair tie customization 2

Option number 1: make a beaded hair tie. To do so, you will need a 10 in. string, small beads and 2 large beads.

Fold the string in the middle and make a knot to attach the string around the tie. Leave the knot a little loose around the tie, it will make it easier to wear. Pass the beads on each string side and finish with a knot. The finish look depend of the kind of beads you gonna use. As example, you can make a boho hair tie using wood beads or a fancy one using peals and gold beads.

diy hair tie customization 3

diy hair tie customization 4

#2 The tassels hair tie

diy hair tie customization 5

Option number 2: the tassels hair tie. You will need some embroidery floss, 4 jewelry rings and pliers. A quick reminder if you never have done tassels before: cut a piece of cardboard of 2 x 2 in. and wrap the thread around it. Make a knot on top with an piece of thread and cut all the bottom floss. Cut a piece of thread, wrap it around the tassel and make a tight knot to finish.

diy hair tie customization 6

Make a second tassel in a matching color. Use the pliers to pass a jewelry ring on top of each tassel and around the tie. Use a fourth ring to attach them together.

diy hair tie customization 7

Make them in any color shade you like. Wear it one at the time, or make a rainbow ponytail.

diy hair tie customization 10

#3 Pearls hair tie

diy hair tie customization 11

For this last option, you will need a 15 in. piece of string and 8 to 10 pearls. Start by making a knot to attach the string to the tie. Pass a pearl into the string and make a loop with the string around the tie. Pass a second pearl to the string and make a loop around the tie. And so on until half of the tie is covered by pearls.

diy hair tie customization 12

Wrap the string back to the starting point. Make a loop between each pearl. When both string ends are together make a double knot and cut the extra length. And done!

diy hair tie customization 13

Have fun trying different beads and color combination to make cute hair ties.

diy hair tie customization 14

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