DIY Friendship Gladiator Sandals

May 28, 2014Allison Murray

Aren't these gladiator sandals so cool? LOVE and DIY!

Looking for a cute pair of summer sandals? I took a pair of simple but super cheap (seriously, Ebay, people) and dolled them up to be a little bit more “me” and have a bit more curb appeal. The task is kind of tedious but very, very easy and so cheap! I used 5 colors of floss at $0.33 each so this was one super inexpensive DIY for sure!

I chose to not go absolutely wild and cover all of my straps mostly because I really liked the tan color of the pleather on the shoes and didn’t want to completely cover it. BUT you can cover as much or as little as you’d like on yours.

Aren't these gladiator sandals so cool? LOVE and DIY!

So get in on the super hot gladiator sandal train but with one difference… yours will be friendship wrapped, totally unique and plenty awesome! Get the full and very simple tutorial over at Mom Spark! Friendship Gladiator Sandals!

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