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April 18, 2016Ama Ryllis

diy drop magnet salt dough 1

If you have children you know that you will never have enough magnets on the fridge to display drawings. Here is a simple way to make some using salt dough. You can make this craft with your kids, or on your own, because salt dough is always a lot of fun, no matter our age. Let’s add a little fun to the fridge with colorful drop magnets.

diy drop magnet salt dough 2

You will just need a little amount of dough for this craft. Put in a bowl a cup of flour, half cup of salt and half cup of water, mix until you get a smooth dough.

diy drop magnet salt dough 3

Make little balls with the dough, one for each drop.

diy drop magnet salt dough 4

Pinch one side of the ball between your two fingers to make a drop shape.

diy drop magnet salt dough 5

Place the drop on a dish that is oven safe and slightly flattened the dough with your fingers. Finish to define the outline with a spatula or a knife if necessary.

diy drop magnet salt dough 6


Put them in the over at the lowest temperature for about one hour. I like to use a glass dish because the dough doesn’t stick on it once baked. You can also let them air dry, it will take a few days.

diy drop magnet salt dough 7

Once the drops are completely cooled you can paint them with acrylic paint. You can also add a coat of varnish for a shine finish.

diy drop magnet salt dough 8

Use your glue gun to fix the magnet on the back of the drop. Let the glue dries and done!

diy drop magnet salt dough 9

Ready to hang drawings and pictures on your fridge! If you have some salt dough left you may want to give a try making those candle holders.

diy drop magnet salt dough 10

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