DIY Cork Circle Rug

July 30, 2015Allison Murray
Make a cork rug. So easy!

Make a cork rug. So easy!

I was perusing the clearance aisles on a rare trip to Michael’s when I saw lots of neat stuff. Metal wheels that I don’t quite know what I will do with and cork circles. Now these circles I knew exactly what to do with because I had this idea in my head for ages BUT I couldn’t think how to get so many uniform circles. These weren’t quite as thick as I had hoped but they did just fine considering they were just over a buck a bag and I used 2!

For this project you will need:

  • Cork circles
  • Hemp cord
  • Drill

Make a cork rug. So easy!
Here are my cork bits. Again, Michael’s look through clearance. For my size rug you’ll need 2 bags. Not sure what size my rug is and I can’t really tell you but we’ll get to that in a bit… but it’s a LARGE size bath mat.
Make a cork rug. So easy!
Take your circles and begin drilling holes in them. The bulk of the circles you’ll need 4 holes. For the corners you’ll need 4 circles with only two holes and for every edge piece you’ll need 3 circles.

Make a cork rug. So easy!
Run the cord through two holes and place the bits side by side.
Make a cork rug. So easy!
Take your hemp cord and tie two pieces together. Knot well. Trim the excess.

Make a cork rug. So easy!

I ran my pieces in strips with two end pieces (with only 3 holes) with the 4 hole center pieces in between.

Make a cork rug. So easy!
When you get to the end you’ll lash your long strips together but here’s a quick close up of what you’ll have in the end with the corner, edge and middle pieces made from 2, 3 and 4 holes respectively. No matter the size, you’ll have this pattern in the end.

Make a cork rug. So easy!

And this is my rug. It really is massive and it soaks up water like you wouldn’t believe. It was fabulous. Wait, was?

Make a cork rug. So easy!

Pretty sure that this gal here was going to tear my rug up to bits I put it across the outdoor loveseat on the back porch…

Make a cork rug. So easy!

Where this guy wound up destroying it. Seriously. Cork bits everywhere. It was quite sad but I lived and he’s still dang cute so it’s all good!

While it was in use it was lovely and I loved it and I think you’ll love yours too. With the cork on sale my total investment was only about $4 but it is a bit time intensive. I think it’s worth every second of the effort though!

Make a cork rug. So easy!


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