DIY – Build an Awesome Nightlight

August 15, 2014Allison Murray
DIY - Build an Awesome Nightlight

DIY - Build an Awesome Nightlight

I like that I get to spend more time with my family these days.  I also like that my father is a huge proponent of this blog and all of my crafty endeavors. And since I’m spending so much more time with my family, it only makes sense that we’d craft together.

DIY - Build an Awesome Nightlight

Or, more accurately, I’d come up with an idea, get my dad to work out the plans and then execute it so I can take photos an write up a post about it. Potato, potahto.

DIY - Build an Awesome Nightlight

At any rate these nightlights came about because I saw the blocks at the hardware store and totally got sidetracked from what I was supposed to be doing. “Wouldn’t these make awesome nightlights if we could frame them?” I asked. “Put one in the cart” my dad said. And there you have it. See how to make your own over at iLoveToCreate!

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