DIY Bedazzled Suede Tassel Key Chain

January 20, 2014Allison Murray
Simple tassel key chain that mixes suede and rhinestones!

Simple tassel key chain that mixes suede and rhinestones!

Do you have a junk drawer? I do. Boy, do I ever. And in that junk drawer are roughly 1.5 million keys. Perhaps I’m being a bit melodramatic but there are seriously way more in there than I actually have locks for. But I keep them. And I bet you know why… because one day it will turn out that one key that I threw out was the only way to open my back gate or open the fire safe I lost years ago or whatnot.

And so when my dad brought me some humongous filing cabinets for my office he pointed out the keys taped to the front. Eh, see, cool, huh? They lock!

But my thought wasn’t, cool, they lock. It was, I will never ever find those keys to ever lock this thing up if I ever wanted. Or if I do get them locked up, I’ll lose one or more of these keys and never ever be able to get back inside. To be honest there is no real reason I should lock up the cabinets. I doubt any hardened criminal wants to break into my home to steal tie dye and about 40 pounds of craft paint so, for now, these are going to remain unlocked. But since I don’t want to toss the keys in the junk drawer to be lost I figure I need a way to keep them together and easy to find. Hence, the tassel key chain!

For this project you will need:


Using your straight edge cut consistently wide strips. Mine were around 1/4 inch.


Attach five crystals onto each end of your leather strips. I chose to use 4.


Add another strip that is just a few inches long and make a loop for your keychain to hang from.


Take a wider strip and hot glue the tassel together. It may be necessary to use string to hold it in place, first.


Add a jump ring, some chain and the key chain bit onto the loop in your tassel and you officially have a key chain!


To be honest it doesn’t quite look in reality as it did in my head, but it will keep my filing cabinet keys from getting lost so it’s all good!

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  • Stephanie

    January 20, 2014 at 12:52 PM

    This is too cute, it would make wonderful gift too!

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