DIY Beaded Moccasins Tutorial at iLoveToCreate

November 7, 2013Allison Murray
Easy Beaded Moccasins Tutorial at iLoveToCreate!

Easy Beaded Moccasins Tutorial at iLoveToCreate!

Know what today is? It’s the third month that I’ve been an iLoveToCreate blogger! It’s been so exciting and a lot of fun and I’m still so excited and honored to be a part of a team that I admire so much!

And today over at iLoveToCreate I’m sharing a tutorial to whip up some easy DIY beaded moccasins. At first I planned to sew these suckers down and then I realized that was not a bright idea. I even went so far as to see if others had a tutorial for sewing beads onto already made moccasins and guess what… nobody else had. And learned why. Because sewing them on is a BAD idea. I also learned that I CANNOT spell moccasins correctly, like, ever without spell-check.

Easy Beaded Moccasins Tutorial at iLoveToCreate! 

So after some head scratching, I busted out my trusty Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue and got after it. In the end, my sweet little moccasins are perfect. I’m happy with the color the pattern. Well, wait. I won’t be totally happy until I make myself a black pair, too!

So if you haven’t clicked over already, this super easy tutorial to DIY beaded moccasins at iLoveToCreate in an afternoon or less!

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