Darby Smart Jewelry Holder Kit

February 21, 2014Allison Murray

While this is not a sponsored content, I did receive a free kit from Darby Smart to facilitate this post.


Okay, first off… don’t you just love this thing? It’s so neat and kind of weird and I LOVE it! And I made it from a Darby Smart Kit!


I’m a really big fan of Darby Smart kits and I have been for a while now for a few good reasons, of which I will list a few:

  1. Their kits are fun and based on currently popular DIY projects.
  2. You get everything you need to complete the project from start to finish.
  3. They give you more than you need to complete the project. Great for if you flub up or want to use only certain items.
  4. Each kit is reasonably priced and there are no shipping charges (which I’m a total sucker for).
  5. Sometimes you get something special in the box!


This time it was a sweet sucker that I got stupidly excited about. At Christmas when I opened my box, Elvis sang to me (and then over and over and over on random occasions until it got thrown on the front porch where it scared the mail lady one day). But it was all in good fun and I could have thrown the box  out ages before I did seeing as how the DIY had been completed and the box was empty for weeks! There was just something nice to hearing everyone start singing an Elvis Christmas tune at totally random times.

But at any rate, I’m going off topic here… The good people at Darby Smart sent me a free kit to get my DIY on with… This fun, Going Stag Jewelry Holder Kit.  And guess what? I totally made it!


And I love it! To be honest I first thought I’d make it and give it as a gift. But as it was coming together, I knew that this sucker was going to be MINE!

Since they sent me a gazillion rhinestones, of which I still have over half left I was able to pick and choose the colors I wanted to include on my plaque. I went with teal, orange and purple and the occasional magenta for POP!

Now the antlers were kind of hard to make but after a first attempt I was able to knock out two that were pretty similar fairly easily. And since I still have over half of the wire left I could have even made another 2-3 for the perfect ones. But the rest of the project was so easy and lots of fun. It was great to turn off my brain and just make something! Plus, I have a new 3-in-1 tool, which I’ve wanted but refused to by for some silly reason, because it came in this kit!


If you want to a Going Stag Jewelry Holder Kit, too, they are still available at Darby Smart!

I received a free kit from Darby Smart to facilitate this post.

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  • Amy W

    March 5, 2014 at 11:11 PM

    I was just getting ready to tell you how cute this was and thank you for sharing at our link party this week… however, then I realized it was YOU and you probably don’t need to thanks. But thanks anyhow cuz this is super cool.

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