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October 17, 2012Allison Murray


Back at my old job if you wanted something on paper I was your gal. I printed and cut out all sorts of things. I had to print tons and tons of portraits and pictures that were used for various projects. After a while people started bringing me their personal pics. Why? Simply because they couldn’t get a nice square cut and they looked very obviously home printed.

Because of this I realized that my method isn’t exactly the way everyone cuts out pics. So, if you are always cutting out wonky pictures check out my process! Since I had a picture of the gloomy Poe to cut out I figured I’d tute up this guy!

FYI: I use a Fiskars paper cutter sold in the scrapbooking section of hobby stores. They sell lots of brands at a whole bunch of price points. Just about any of these will work out well.



Take your image and draw a straight line across the bottom of the image with a pencil and a straight ruler.


Place the right side of your portrait flush with the inside edge of the cutter. Line up your hand drawn line with the gutter line that the blade will run down.

Without the line you drew, you’ll be eye-balling where the blade will actually cut. I’ve found that sometimes it is a hit and sometimes it is a miss!


Double check that the paper is flush with the lip of the cutter and push down the handle attached to the blade and run down the length of the paper. Use your hand to hold the paper down as you go.


After your first cut, turn your paper clockwise. Line the paper flush with the edge, using the picture’s edge to line up in the cutting gutter.

Keep turning the paper clockwise to make your cuts. The reason for this is simple, the edge that has not yet been cut is perfectly straight. Your cut may be slightly off. Line up the slightly off edge with the straight lip of the cutter and each cut is going to be a little worse than the last.

Your final cut will be with the third cut you made resting against the lip. Rather than lining it up with the lip and pushing it flush, push it out a bit. Line up the edges of the image with the gutter at the top and bottom and make your final cut.

With this very simple process you’ll be cutting perfectly straight images all of the time! Come back tommorow for a fun Halloween wreath and back on Friday to see what Mr. Poe is up to! Happy Hump Day!



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  • Ann Martin

    October 18, 2012 at 3:20 PM

    Thanks for this tute – lots of good tips. Cutting straight can definitely be tricky!

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