Glittered Name Gift Tags – Cutting Glitter Card Stock on Silhouette

January 13, 2014Allison Murray


Because my side of the family has little kids I spend Christmas at my sister’s house. Actually I spend almost a week there around Christmastime. And we do all manner of holiday type of things. Like Christmas lights and Christmas carols “Jingle BELLS, Jingle BELLS, Jingle, Jingle, JINGLE!!!” We cook, we eat, we play, we go to the zoo.

And when I come home some time later I go over to Russell’s momma’s house for Christmas with them. Aaaand so far we haven’t had Christmas. Isn’t that just awful? We were supposed to meet up last Monday, but Russell got sick and cancelled. We were supposed to go over today but I’ve been diagnosed with strep throat and nobody wants that as a Christmas gift.

And since Russell is the sort who procrastinates and though he was home alone for a good week, he didn’t wrap any of the gifts to his family. So with an aching head and burning throat I got after it myself. The paper we have to use is lots and lots of fun. My family got gold embossed but Russell’s is getting a kick of color. BUT none of my gift tags matched. Bah!

So I knocked some out with my silhouette and some glitter cardstock. Now, I’ve found a good way to go about cutting glitter card stock and it is NOT the recommended settings. So I’ll show you exactly what I do and how I do!

For this project you will need:

FREE Fonts used:


I’ve had issues with cutting glittered card stock in the past and have had a lot of practice since. Here’s how I roll:

  1. Set your blade to 10.
  2. Check double cut.
  3. Slow down the speed to 2.
  4. Use your janky cutting mat just in case something goes terribly wrong.


BEFORE hitting that button to unload the cutting mat make sure the cut took and went all of the way through. If not run through again but NOT on double cut this time. After finished, check again and go from there.


I used KG Always a Good Time for the cursive and Chunk Five for the block letters. Now the Chunk Five isn’t naturally together like the cursive so I had to bring it together by decreasing the letter spacing down to about 95%. The C and the H kind of got mixed up so that it was just a blob so I had to go in and modify the cut to make that little notch so the letters were easier to distinguish.


So at this point at least Retha’s presents are wrapped. Oh, my. Merry Christmas, folks :) Oh, but these can be used for birthdays, weddings, etc, but I’m sure you knew that!

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  • Erica @ For the Love of Decorating!

    January 13, 2014 at 3:23 PM

    I love these! Oh how I wish I had a Silhouette :(


    1. Allison

      January 13, 2014 at 4:01 PM

      I’m so glad you like them but sad you don’t have a machine.:( Do you ever go to The Thinking Closet? Lauren is giving away Silhouette machines all of the time! She’s even having a giveaway right now (but it only lasts 7 hours so you’ll have to get on this one soon!)

      You should enter for sure!!!

  • Eugenia

    March 21, 2015 at 7:07 PM

    Has glitter ever gotten into your machine? I’ve also read many people say that cutting glitter cardstock ruins blades and mats. Please let me know if this is true!

    1. Allison Murray

      March 22, 2015 at 6:12 PM

      Yes! Glitter has gotten everywhere in this house! It’s easy to clean out with spray air and be sure to clean your blade after using it with glitter stock. Also it does jack up your blade something awful so I keep my recent “bad” blade to cut cardstock with. Sometimes I have to cut it twice (don’t unload the mat, just tell Silhouette to cut again) since the blade is a bit dull but it’s better than messing up a new blade!

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