Cupcake Soap with Sprinkles!

August 16, 2015Allison Murray
Make sweet little soaps that look like cupcakes complete with frosting and sprinkles!

Make sweet little soaps that look like cupcakes complete with frosting and sprinkles!

I’m totally not immune to cute things. I LOVE cute things. I’m a grown woman who will run up to a cat going “kitty, kitty, KITTY!” the whole way. I squeal and I get really excited about things. “Look! It’s a MONKEY!” It won’t matter that I’m at the zoo and have already seen a good dozen monkeys, I’m still excited about each and every one.

Some call it child-like wonder. I call it loving life and all things cute. So when I was asked to make soap and never had before I took of for the craft store. While at Michael’s I realized a few things. 1. I didn’t know a thing about how to make soap and what I should buy. 2. I didn’t even really want to do this. 3. I was going to have to buy a kit because I just couldn’t figure out where to start.

The only kit I could find was some weird infinity looking soap or something and I was resigned to buy it. Apparently soap kits went like hotcakes last week. But for some reason I just happened to spy a little damaged box down at the end with CUPCAKE SOAPS IN IT!


Make sweet little soaps that look like cupcakes complete with frosting and sprinkles!


My parents were with me and my dad asked how much it cost. I just didn’t see why that mattered. They were cupcakes! And I had my handy-dandy 40% off coupon so it would be on sale no matter! I carried it up front and suddenly was totally into this soap making idea.

For my first attempt I went a bit fancy… simple bars would have definitely been easier but it wasn’t hard at all. In fact, it was so much fun. So get ready for soap experiments later on down the line here at Dream a Little Bigger. But for now, see how I used a kit to make these cuties over at Mom Spark and find out a few things I learned as a newbie soap maker!

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  • Mike

    August 16, 2015 at 5:13 PM

    Wow Allison! These look great!

    And I agree with you. There’s nothing wrong with loving life, especially when there are so many things in the world that can sap the joy right out of you. Some of the simplest of things get me excited; clouds in the sky, the smell of the air after a good rain, nature walks, small animals and plants, you name it. Some call me “boring” because they think that the things I enjoy are boring. I like to call it finding happiness wherever I look. And while I’m on my “happy train” here, I dare say that even though I’m a grown man, I still have a weakness for stuffed toys and other soft things. I like to hug pillows when I’m feeling sad. And sometimes, I will take and hug my mom’s stuffed bears on her bed. And I find myself playing with them every now and then too, like I used to do with my own stuffed toys growing up.

    Who says that we have to grow up entirely?! :)

    Stay awesome!

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