How to create a flower decor with yarn

September 24, 2017Ama Buffin

A few months ago I had to buy some artificial flowers. A thing that I had never done before because I always associate them with the ugly and dusty fabric flowers you can see in some waiting rooms. But I was amazed how good they look and the wide range of variety available. So I kind of change my mind and I started to scatter some artificial flowers in the house. It’s so practical to add some greens without the worries of watering them.

It’s a very simple craft to make, here is the material you need:

  • a piece of plank (about 6 x 19 in.)
  • some yarn
  • small nails
  • tape
  • some artificial flowers
  • a hammer
  • a pair of scissor
  • the vase template which you can download HERE

I choose to stain the plank dark chocolate and to use white yarn. You can paint or stain the plank the color you like, just remember to choose a color contrasting yarn for a better result.

Cut the template and place it on the plank, add a few pieces of tape to hold it on the wood. Put a nail at each line intersection. Do not push the nail completely into the board, let about 1/2 inch out.

Remove the paper template. Cut a piece of yarn and start drawing the vase shape with it. Make a loop around each nail to hold the yarn. You can use several pieces of yarn to complete the vase drawing, just make a knot around the nail to secure it.

To give the vase more volume, I made two vase shapes with the yarn. They are on top of each other, one is placed against the wood and the second is close to the nails heads.

Arrange the flowers and foliage into the yarn vase. Put the highest stems against the wood and the smaller ones in front. Just slide the stems between the yarn to hold the bouquet.

Place a small hook on the back if you want to hang it on the wall. You can also choose to place it on a shelf or a drawer. I will also look great with some dries flowers, like hydrangeas.

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