How to create Easter chick eggs

March 12, 2017Ama Buffin

I love Easter crafts, I particularly like to decorate eggs! It’s fun and it make me feel that the spring is just around the corner! As for almost every holiday craft, it’s also a nice activity you can make with  kids. These cute Easter chicks will make a perfect family craft.

Let’s grab the material, to make cute little chicks you will need: hard boiled eggs, yellow feathers, yellow paper, a cardboard roll, some silicone glue, some rope, scissors, a sharpie, and a stapler.

You will use the cardboard roll to create small nest for the chicks and to keep them stand. Use your scissors to open the roll and cut it in strips of  approximately 1 inch high.

Attach every strip with a staple to make a small ring. Now the cardboard ring has the perfect dimension to hold an egg. If you use a smaller roll you can probably skip those first two steps.

Put silicone glue on the outside of the roll and wrap the rope around it until it’s fully covered. Add some extra glue to fix the rope end. And done, you just make a little nest for your egg chick.

Glue one or two feather on each side of the egg.

In the yellow paper, cut a small diamond shape, fold it in the middle to make the chick beak. Apply a dot of silicone glue to fix it on the egg. And finally draw two dots with the sharpie to make the eyes. Place each chick egg on a nest and done! Have fun and make as many chicks as you want! You can also use other color feathers to make different chicks.

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