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September 6, 2014RaChil Luke

Hey everyone, hope you had a nice holiday weekend! I’ve been on a button kick lately. It all started when I got 3-4 of my girlfriends together and played with making jewelry with buttons, and I created this button bracelet. Luckily I had quite a lot of buttons left over (It was a giant button wheel of 360 buttons. I got it on sale at Joann’s! Score!) which was perfect to add a little crafty touch to a little catch all tray for my office space.

If you want the most adorable little sewing themed tray to hold all of your need-at-any-moment sewing supplies, I’ve got the perfect tutorial for ya!


  • Octagonal Tray
  • 2 colors Acrylic Paint (I chose black, you will need another color for the feet)
  • Sponge Brush
  • 2 oz. ICE Jewelry Resin
  • Round feet (Will have a flat edge and not come painted like mine)
  • Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks
  • Array of Buttons

Step 1: Paint your tray. I chose black to contrast with my bright jewel buttons!



Step 3: Glue the feet to the bottom of your tray. This is totally a preference thing.




Step 4: I began making a pattern on the bottom of my tray with pink buttons. I applied a partial hot glue line, laid out the buttons, then added more hot glue.



A little later.





Step 5: I only used one ounce of resin and I made it work, but I think it would look a little more finished with 2 oz. Plus it will be easier to fill in the whole bottom of the tray*

Follow the instructions on your resin package. I snipped off the tip of the syringes, and poured the full contents into a little 2 oz. solo cup.


I used that BBQ skewer to mix the resin.


 Step 5: Pour the resin into the tray and fill in the whole bottom. I used the skewer to help spread the resin out before it dried at all.


Step 6:  Let your resin dry and cure as long as it needs to. I left mine alone and covered the top with wax paper to keep out dust and cat hairs.



Because I was trying to get resin as spread out as possible, I turned my tray around a lot to let the resin sort of slide into place. That’s a bad idea, don’t do that.


I’m currently keeping it on top of my desk-side drawers, right where I need a little extra organization. It also keeps my sewing supplies out of a drawer and makes them easier to grab if I need them.


It’s so bright! It fits right in with the whirlwind of colors that is my office.


This was a project from a mile long list of “office organization” ideas. I’m happy to finally check it off, and it came out better than I expected! I have been working on making my craft space more accessible and all of my supplies more orderly.  You can see a tour of my craft room here, or find out how to upgrade your inspiration board if you are trying to tame the beast that is your craft workshop as well.

Til Next Time!

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