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May 6, 2015Elena aka. Midsommarflicka

Hello! Today it’s me, Elena, here again and I’d like to introduce to another crafter from abroad. Today you have the pleasure to meet Khadija, who’s from Pakistan – please enjoy her answers to my usual questions:

khadija-headerIn your own words, who are you and what do you do? I am Khadija Kiran, blogging about arts & crafts and sharing my DIY/Tutorials for more than 5 years. I start blogging during my studies and now I have done my post graduation :) I am also a freelancer & contributor at some websites. I enjoy working a home-based job.

Where are you from? I live in the capital city of Pakistan, I was born & bred here in Islamabad. Its a beautiful green city surrounded by hills & natural scenery.

What is the nearest “big” city or district to you? My City is itself a big city, as it’s the capital city of our country – so it’s popular & well organized. The next city to Islamabad is Rawalpindi & they are both known as Twin Cities…



What crafts do you like to do? I like Recycling & Reusing ordinary items & making them beautiful again, otherwise I love jewelry making & paper crafts. I am also selling my handmade crafts. I have done textile & fashion design diploma So I also make drawings & customized sketches for sale. I am good in embroidery work & fabric paintings. My readers & customers like my glass paints especially.

What craft supplies do you have a difficult time finding in your area? I am glad someone asked this question finally! Here I have faced difficulty in searching many craft supplies which are easily available abroad, like Mod Podge Glue, Washi Tape, Sharpie Markers, Felt Fabric… I am happy I got some Mod Podge from Amy of Mod Podge Rocks. I also got some washi tape from a friend abroad but I miss these supplies in my city/country.


Are the costs reasonable or is crafting very expensive in your area? Crafting is not so expensive here, I can find craft supplies in reasonable prices here! Mostly paper crafts and jewelry making supplies are easily available around.

Do you use the internet or mail order products from other areas for hard to find items? Yes, I can get craft supplies by ordering online from other areas. But I always prefer getting stuff which is easily available for everyone everywhere!


They say that with recent popularity, crafting is a revolution of sorts. Is crafting huge where you’re from? Or is it the movement gaining momentum? Crafting was not much popular here, Mostly people take it as a hobby only but with the passage of time, now many youngsters are coming in this field of art. So I can say now the movement gaining momentum.

Regionally, what type of crafts are popular? In the region where I am living is having popular crafts, Truck Art is famous world wide. (Read more here) Hand embroidery & fabric based handicrafts are one of the popular one. Marble Stone decoration pieces are also being exported worldwide. There are many art lovers who love crafting!

Are there any projects or genres that are specific to your region? There are many projects famous worldwide from years, Leather goods are one of the most appreciated by the world, FIFA Worldcup footballs are manufactured in my country from last few times. (Read more here) The city is also famous in the world for surgical goods & stainless steel items. Pakistani colorful Truck Art decoration items are getting fame worldwide!

Anything you’d care to add about crafting in your area? Unique Wood crafts & Furniture! Pottery & Ceramic art is also famous. (Read more here)


Share with us your three favorite crafts/projects you’ve created! I have been shared above 250 DIY & Tutorials on my blog during these 5 years of blogging, A few of my favorites are these:

Where can we find you? I have a website for sharing my art & DIY ideas, Creative Khadija. You can also get connected with me at my social networks, FacebookTwitter, Instagram. Thank You so much for this interesting interview series! I love reading about other bloggers as well as sharing about my blog & city! I hope you will enjoy reading about it. Happy Blogging :)

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