Crafting Abroad: Anna

March 4, 2015Elena aka. Midsommarflicka

Hello people!
Today I’d lke to take you with me on a little trip to Portugal, let’s visit Anna! She’s a crocheter and her blog is called Anna Simple Crochet, but after I’ve seen her doilies (you can see them below), I am sure her blog should be called Anna Complicated Crochet… This type of crochet is something I really adore, but have no idea where and how to start… They are really beautiful!


Enjoy her answers to my usual questions:

In your own words, who are you and what do you do? My name is Anna, I’m a housewife who loves reading, gardening, crocheting and laughing!


Where are you from? I was born in Geneva, Switzerland and moved to Portugal when I was 20 years old.

What is the nearest “big” city or district to you?? The nearest big city is Leiria right in the center of Portugal.


What crafts do you like to do? I love crocheting but I knit a little too. I did glass etching a long time ago, I’ve tried frivolité (tatting) and will try “Broderie Suisse”.

What craft supplies do you have a difficult time finding in your area? Some colors in yarns.

Are the costs reasonable or is crafting very expensive in your area? The prices are reasonable.

Do you use the internet or mail order products from other areas for hard to find items? I’ll do it sometime but it’s rare. I privilege products made nearby.


They say that with recent popularity, crafting is a revolution of sorts. Is crafting huge where you’re from? Or is it the movement gaining momentum? People around me tend to not having time or means to do crafts. It’s more a hobby, to relax and forget problems.

Regionally, what type of crafts are popular? Crochet and “arraiolo”, a type of carpet embroidery made with wool.

Are there any projects or genres that are specific to your region? Pottery.


Share with us your three favorite crafts/projects you’ve created! I adore making complicated doilies as

Where can we find you? I blog at Annasimplecrochet!


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