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December 3, 2014Elena aka. Midsommarflicka
Meet Ama from OhOh Blog who crafts and writes from Mexico!

By now you’ve read a few times about how it is to be living and crafting in Europe and Asia. Today we will break new ground and visit Middle America for the first time. Also, you will not really meet a stranger, but someone you already know if you’re reading this blog on a regular basis. Ama, who’s blogging here as well since a few weeks was kind enough to answer all my questions! Don’t forget to visit her own blog too, the Ohoh blog :)

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In your own words, who are you and what do you do? I’m Ama, crafter and blogger at Ohohblog. I’m the mum of two wonderful and loud kids.

Where are you from? I come from Belgium, but I live since 7 years in Mexico.


What is the nearest “big” city or district to you? We are not far away from crazy Mexico city, but we don’t drive over there very often. We are quite happy in our small town.


What crafts do you like to do? I like making home decor craft: it could be furniture redo, holidays decor, art wall, storage…
I like to make recycled and re-purposed projects. I also like sewing simple things, I still have a lot to learn!

What craft supplies do you have a difficult time finding in your area? I can’t find paper to make cartonnage (cardboard crafts). You need specific kind of papers for that kind of craft, and I can’t find them anywhere. So when I go on Belgium for holidays, I fly back with a bunch of paper (very heavy and unpractical)!

Are the costs reasonable or is crafting very expensive in your area? Craft items are very cheap, so I always have a hard time stopping myself to buy stuff when I go to the craft store!

Do you use the internet or mail order products from other areas for hard to find items? That would be great but no….because Mexican post service is horrible! It takes a long time to receive mail… and it is not always delivered! I’m still waiting for a package my mom sent me in October!

They say that with recent popularity, crafting is a revolution of sorts. Is crafting huge where you’re from? Or is it the movement gaining momentum? Mexico has a great tradition of crafts and artisans. It is a livelihood for natives people. They do magnificent things in embroidery, painting, woodworking and jewelry.
But speaking about people whose isn’t the full time job, I would say that sewing is the craft that develops the most.


ama-embroideryRegionally, what type of crafts are popular?
Traditional crafts that you can find around are little mexican dolls, embroidered towels, wicker baskets, jewelry…

Are there any projects or genres that are specific to your region?
In the central region of Mexico, my favorite craft is the Otomi embroidery. It’s a beautiful handmade work. They are embroidery drawings of horses, chickens, rabbits or dogs adorned with flowers and petals in bright colors: yellow, red, green and blue. They are called The tenangos.

Anything you’d care to add about crafting in your area?
Crafting is a traditional work for native people, and it slowly become to be more popular.

Share with us your three favorite crafts/projects you’ve created!

Where can we find you? You can find me at, I post a new DIY tutorial every week. I like home decor, minimal and practical projects, and have a little addiction for DIY ligthing. I also make sewing and jewelry tutorials.


PS. Elena here again. Remember to suggest bloggers for this series, if you’re reading an awesome & interesting blog from “abroad” or know of any. Thanks!

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