Crafting Abroad: Alessandra

June 3, 2015Elena aka. Midsommarflicka

Welcome back to a new interview, a new interviewee and new insights in crafting abroad!
Today I’d like to introduce you to Alessandra, who’s originally from Itlay but living in Mozambique rightnow. She tells us about these countries and even more:


Alessandra2 In your own words, who are you and what do you do? Ciao everyone! My name is Alessandra and …
… my degree defines me as a geologist !
… my marital status defines me as married and mother of two teenagers !
… my lifestyle defines me as an expat, as I spent my last ten years living in places like : Egypt, Indonesia and Mozambique!
My passions define me as a crafter, something that I rediscovered when I was in Egypt and I love to write on my blog, about my crafts and travels/trips!

Where are you from? I’m Italian and I was born in Firenze (aka Florence), but I can say I never lived there! When I was only ten months old, I took my first airplane to Calgary (Canada) and after that, more destinations followed: Tripoli (Libya) and Milano (Italy), where I completed my studies.

What is the nearest “big” city or district to you? At the moment, my family and I are located in Mozambique. We live in the capital Maputo and, by car, we can easily reach places like South Africa and Swaziland!


What crafts do you like to do? I love to play with yarn, colourful yarn! I really enjoy crocheting, a craft I started almost 3 years ago, just looking at some video tutorials on YouTube, but knitting is another passion, too! I have to add that even working with felt and beading (necklaces) make me happy, too!

What craft supplies do you have a difficult time finding in your area? You cannot find good quality yarns! Luckily I have a huge stock from my precedent travels and from Italy, that I reach every summer holiday.

Are the costs reasonable or is crafting very expensive in your area? Nothing is cheap here in Mozambique. This because most of the products found here are imported and the prices are increased by 40/50% and in some cases 90%!

Do you use the internet or mail order products from other areas for hard to find items? No, I usually don’t, simply because the places I’ve been living in in the last 10 years had a bad postal service or made you pay an extra fee on your order, often just doubling the original price you paid for your items.


They say that with recent popularity, crafting is a revolution of sorts. Is crafting huge where you’re from? Or is it the movement gaining momentum? Honestly, it’s difficult to answer to this question… I think that little by little, crafting in Italy is becoming more popular between persons that normally were not interested in this kind of activity. What leaves me perplexed is the huge amount of haberdasheries closed and the lack of bookstores with a good selection of arts & crafts publications … maybe is internet the solution for everything?

Regionally, what type of crafts are popular? It’s quite difficult to make a proper list of the infinite handmade products you can find in Toscana (aka Tuscany) … You can find beautiful hand-painted ceramics, handmade linen laces, hand-carved alabaster items, paper products (marbled paper), engravings, marble mosaics…. Just to name a few!!!

Are there any projects or genres that are specific to your region? In Firenze, you can discover the Florentine crafts as gilded picture frames, gilded leather, reproduction furniture, gilded decoupage plaques and triptychs, tables inlaid with marble and rare wood … They all reflect a contemporary interpretation of Renaissance art and furnishing!

Anything you’d care to add about crafting in your area? Keep it up, guys!!!


Share with us your three favorite crafts/projects you’ve created! Even this question is hard … just 3 ??? Gosh!!! I’ll try … I think I really love my tiny yarn butterflies, a craft my mum taught me when I was a little kid! Then, I can certainly add my matryoshka pillows/softies, and the HELLO sign that cheers me up every time I enter my home!

Where can we find you? I’m the only contributor of my blog: [email protected], where you can look at my crafts, photo tutorials and photos about places I go. If interested, you can follow my blog even on Facebook!
I started even a Ravelry page right here!
If you are obsessed with Pinterest (I’m!), you can find me there, too.

Thank you Elena for this great interview and thank you to you readers that had the patience and interest in reading my own words about my crafting experience!
Xxxx Alessandra

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  • Maya

    June 3, 2015 at 1:41 PM

    Hi Ale! It was great learning more about you! I love your hello sign too :)

  • Tammy

    June 4, 2015 at 11:16 AM

    Alessandra is one crafty lady! I always enjoy seeing what she is up to.

  • Maddalena

    June 6, 2015 at 2:06 AM

    Hello ! I like Alessandra and her craft ! I follow her blog from Italy !
    Thank you for the interview .

  • Riitta Sinikka

    June 10, 2015 at 12:37 AM

    ♥ hello! I love Alessandra, and her craft! ♥ best regards from Finland.♥

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