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August 29, 2015RaChil Luke

I started my *fingers crossed* penultimate semester at my local community college this Tuesday. I’m taking some really useful classes; Printmaking, Drawing, Creative Writing and Small Business Management. Creative writing is something I was interested in as a kid but thought I had full moved beyond into the position of reader. I guess blogging gave me a bit of a writing outlet as well as a creative one, nevertheless I was nervous about that class the most.

I still am actually, I’m going to have to read my writing out to people at some point. No more hiding behind a screen for me…To distract myself from the horror that is going to be that public speaking, I decided to make my notebook for the class feel very “me” to make me more comfortable. I’ll show you how to makeover your own composition book below!


  • Composition Book
  • Roll of paper (Picked up at local stationary store)
  • Coordinating scrapbooking paper
  • Mod podge
  • Sponge brush
  • Scissiors
  • Washi tape (optional)

Step 1: Cut your paper out so that it has about 1/2 in. space from all the borders.
Mod podge your back cover to the paper, anchoring the book.
Cut out squares from the corners of the paper as pictured below.
Apply some mod podge to your long flap, fold over and crease/press down to make sure it sticks.
Now close your book and cut a small slit where the spine of the book ends. Do this at the top as well.
Reopen your notebook to the back  cover and glue down the top and bottom tabs now.
Step 2: Apply mod podge to your spine and front cover, fold and press the paper carefully around the notebook. Repeat how you attached the paper to the back cover with the front. You will also need to cut off about 1/4th an in. from where you made the slit in the paper near the spine.
Your book should be perfectly and crisply covered.
Step 3: Freehand or trace a shape for the nameplate of your composition book. I made the nameplate itself kraft brown and had it framed in a white printed floral patterned kraft. Use mod podge to attach the nameplate to the frame and the frame to the book in the front top center.
I even used a marker to make a few lines to write my name and subject, looks pretty fancy right? Another last minute addition (I put it on expecting to take it off immediately actually) was the washi tape spine to mimic the binding of this particular type of notebook. I thought it would be too much gold but ended up loving it! I also mod podged that down.
Ready for all that hand-cramping writing that is in my future, in style!
I love to DIY school supplies! Check out my DIY binder pouch and another notebook refashion here.

Til Next Time!
RaChil Luke


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