Color Shot White Denim at iLoveToCreate

May 24, 2015Allison Murray
Rock some white denim with fun an unique rainbow stripes!


If I remember correctly in the 80’s white denim was hot. Like super hot. Am I totally making this up? It seems that ever since I was a kid I have always loved white denim. I got my first pair of white denim shorts when I was in high school and they were more of an off-white or really light beige but it was the only thing anywhere near I could find so I rocked them hard. I loved those shorts a ton. These days the cut and style would be considered a crime of humanity :) but back in the day I was styling.




So when I snagged up a new pair of white skinny jeans for this summer and they arrived, I was less than excited about them. In fact I planned on returning them but when I got a couple of bottles of Tulip Color Shot to play with, they seemed the perfect canvas for this awesome new stuff. And awesome it is, my friends. You are going to love this stuff. It’s like my newest craft obsession! So head on over to see how I used this new miracle craft product to turn some blah white jeans I didn’t care for into some super awesome rainbow white denim jeans! Random Rainbow White Jeans at iLoveToCreate.

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