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November 19, 2013Allison Murray
Citi Tuesdays

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

Tinsel Tree with traditional snowman ornaments!

Around this time of year I do just about anything I can to save money anywhere I can. As an example, I just got home from Walmart where I waffled over whether or not I really needed a three dollar pair of red cardinal salt and pepper shakers (P.S. I did).

And anybody who doesn’t get why I’m kind of sort of stressing out, let me tell you all about it. We’ve got Thanksgiving coming up and anyone who doesn’t think that’s a big deal hasn’t been the one to pay for all of that food! A turkey alone will set me back around $20. Add in all of the sides, cakes, pies and, well, this is one darn expensive meal. Oh, and did I mention the gas to get where you’re going and back? That’s at least 2 tanks for me.


But it doesn’t end there, when the meal is over and the dust has settled, it’s time to start getting into Christmas. You’ll be laying the dough down for decorations and gifts and wrapping paper and bows and ribbons and cards and postage and see where I’m going with this? Which is why about now, I really and truly try to save money where I can.

Keeping my ears up, I  heard that you can start helping out your own pocket book simply by using your Citi® credit card on Tuesdays on eligible purchases of $100 by shopping at Walmart.com. What you’ll get in return by shopping on Citi Tuesdays is a $10 Walmart eGift card about ten days after your purchase. But remember, this is on qualifying purchases only so be sure that what you’ve got going down if you want your gift card (how disappointing would that be?)

And just think about how far a handful of $10 gift cards can go towards your Christmas spending?! Now I’m gonna pull one of those “back in the good ol’ days” because I can tell you that the best gift I ever got at Wal-Mart was when I was about 8 years old which just so happened to cost under a tenner. I had to have surgery and my Mimmie always let me pick out a gift that I’d get when I got out if I acted well…. That year I picked out an adorably sweet plush caterpillar where each section was a different color, that in my memory was a good ten feet long, though it was probably closer to 3!) Which makes me wonder, what was the best gift you ever got or gave from Walmart? Tell me in the comments!!!

Let’s wind this post down and recap: use your Citi® credit card on TUESDAYS at WALMART.com on QUALIFYING PURCHASES to get a $10 Walmart eGift card within about 10 days! You’re welcome.

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