Chunky Glitter Pumpkin

November 22, 2015Allison Murray
Chunky glitter pumpkins are super easy to make and add fun flair to your fall decor!

Chunky glitter pumpkins are super easy to make and add fun flair to your fall decor!

I’m truly in love with my new house. It didn’t seem like that would be the case when Rob first unlocked the door and brought me into my new home. I literally stood there trying not to cry. We looked at the house without power and we figure that was on purpose. We could only see the larger defects and couldn’t quite tell the state of the home by flashlight. We thought it looked fabulous but with the electricity on and every nook and cranny lit up you could tell that the house wasn’t just dirty, it was filthy.

The moving truck in the driveway full of my stuff and the movers on their way to unload it, there was no time to even start cleaning up before things were getting tossed haphazardly here and there by the movers.

I felt awful. I had been looking forward to this moment for months and here I was with big, wet eyes trying to not get too upset, knowing I’d make Rob sad for me.

But flash foward a good 6 weeks and here we are in a home that is slowly becoming our own. I haven’t even touched the guest room yet and it’s as filthy as the day we got here. But that door is closed so it can stay that way for just a little bit longer :)

The garage is piled with stuff we still need to go through so that when we come back from my parent’s house for Thanksgiving loaded down with even more of my junk we’ll have some place to put it.

Chunky glitter pumpkins are super easy to make and add fun flair to your fall decor!

But I truly do love it here. This is a rental and we decided to go this way because we don’t know the area well. We were going to go straight into buying a home but after looking at new houses in new subdivisions that had already gone to hell in a hand-basket, I was worried that we’d purchase a home for a good price in a decent area that quickly degraded to seedy. Because that is a really big concern here it seems.

Instead we wanted to spend a year getting the lay of the land in home we rent in an area we think we’d like to live in. As it turns out we’re less than a mile from a huge jail which we knew because or fab realtor told us but we didn’t really think about. At any rate there’s lots of razor wire around it and that seems like as good a way to keep people in some place as I’ve ever seen. And as we were driving past it the first time, Rob mentioned that there is a field in between us and them and it’s got bushes and is a little hilly here and there. Maybe any runners going that way would severely sprain an ankle and not make it to us :) But truly, it’s a safe area :)

But I’m sidetracked here… our house is becoming our little home and I’m getting more and more attached to it by every little thing we do. I love how eclectic things have become because we have decided that if we like something, regardless of color or style we’ll figure out how to make it work. I’m so excited because it’s not just me who loves this glitter pumpkin but Rob does, too. He’s mentioned it several times as he passes how fabulous it is. It’s nice that he appreciates my work and it’s nice that we have a home to share together where we can display both of our creative efforts.

Art on display by artist Robert Andes -
I will shamelessly promote my Rob’s art here :) Click the pic above to see some of his fabulous art at!

I mean, look at that. How many people get an original painting that big and beautiful in their office? The lady of an artist is who :)

Chunky glitter pumpkins are super easy to make and add fun flair to your fall decor!

Be sure to head on over to Mom Spark to see how to make your own chunky glitter pumpkin. It’s fab, quick and will be the perfect thing to add to your decor before your Thanksgiving guests arrive!

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