Cheap Gluten Free Cloud Dough

July 14, 2015Allison Murray
Easily make cheap gluten free cloud dough. Gluten intolerant tots can enjoy sensory play too!

Easily make cheap gluten free cloud dough. Gluten intolerant tots can enjoy sensory play too!

I remember being left out of some things when I was a kid. It was never because of anything long term like an allergy or anything when I was little, it was always some sort of self imposed issue. Like the time in elementary school I decided to spin around and around on a pole meant for a the end of a swing set that happened to be the slightest bit too short and I rammed my face into the ground and bit a hole in my lip. Yes, a hole. So big, in fact, that a dude put his finger through it and touched my bottom teeth. But you know what I remember most about the whole thing? My Daddy rubbing my ankle as they stitched me up… he’s a good one.

Now I can’t even remember how long it was that I had to drink soup for lunch every day and sit on the wall with the bad kids during recess. Now I had my fair share of wall standing,  you can’t be as talkative as I am without getting some repercussions as a child BUT this time I was just ailing and it stung to be with the baddies when I hadn’t earned it.

There have since been many broken bones and emergencies. In the past 12 months alone I have broken my wrist, the top of my left foot, the top of my right food and my pinkie toe. And no, I still haven’t learned to wear something other than flip flops when doing DIY just in case you’re asking.


Easily make cheap gluten free cloud dough. Gluten intolerant tots can enjoy sensory play too!

So when I was asked to make cloud dough I knew I wanted to do something different. I purchased all purpose flour because it is so cheap, totally ignoring the fact that I’m Celiac because, it was SO MUCH CHEAPER than using a GF flour blend. I slipped on my gloves and got after it. And wound up with a nasty rash inside of my nose where I must have breathed the flour in or something.

Now I’m not a kid but it crossed my mind that there are lots of kids who wouldn’t get to play with the AP flour variety so I decided to think outside the box to make something just as good, just as cheap and totally gluten free. I’m happy to say that I rocked it! Check out my gluten free cloud dough tutorial (on the cheap) post over at Mom Spark this week!

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  • Mike

    July 14, 2015 at 8:31 PM

    See? That’s what makes you so awesome Allison. You think outside of the box and you don’t let anything stop you from being creative. I’m sorry to hear about how many injuries you sustained when you were little and even recently. I admit that I was quite obsequious when I was little, which probably explains why I don’t have any serious “battle scars” from childhood. I guess there really was a reason why my teachers were always yelling “don’t run on the blacktop!” during recess. I think I was more afraid of getting in trouble than I was of falling and hurting myself, hahaha.

    But that is so cool that your dad was there to comfort you when you needed him. :)

    However, I’m not without the scars of clumsiness that I constantly get. I’m always either burning myself or cutting myself, the latter mostly happening at work; darn paper cuts…

    Needless to say, I’ve had to visit our little first aid cabinet around the corner from our office like it was my own personal Rite Aid. :)

    And yep, you totally rock! I never got to play with flour, even as an adult.

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