Chained Sunglasses – Easy Tutorial

June 17, 2013Allison Murray

Chained sunglasses DIY

I’ve mentioned it many times before, but I live in Oklahoma. Good people but we tend to run behind on the trends. Sometimes considerably so. Case in point, sometimes you’ll see a chick walking around rocking the up tall bangs that should never have been in style in the first place. Besides the amount of curling iron effort and hair spray that goes into those things, they’re not attractive. On anyone.

So please excuse me for being 3 years behind the times. I saw a picture online of Rihanna wearing some sunglasses with monster gigantic chains. My first thought was, how tacky! My second thought was, it would be so great with a smaller chain. And since I have chain out the wazoo and an addiction to sunglasses, I figured it was time to hop on this trend. Even if I am three years late.

For this project you will need:

Chained sunglasses DIY

Take your chain and wrap it around your neck and down. Measure out how far you would like for your sunglasses to hang down on your chest. Hold that length with your fingers and then measure out the width of the sunglasses with the chain to add the length. Use nippers to trip to size.

Grab the chain and connect the ends so that you can easily grab the center. We’re going to start by gluing the center of the chain to the center of the sunglasses.

My big mistake was trying to work gluing down too much chain at a time. (see that horrible mess in my chain – ugh) Take your glue and place a strip about 1 inch across the top of the glasses. Wait a minute for it to become tacky then press and hold the chain for a good few minutes.

Continue until the entire top of the front is attached. Set aside and allow to set all of the way. I gave mine about an hour to be safe.

Chained sunglasses DIY

Take a strong pair of pliers, like hardware grade needle nose pliers, and open up a link at the end of your curb chain. Close it back up onto the other end. This is awesome because we don’t have to use any sort of closure. I did make a few marks on the link that I was manipulating, but it’s slight and you can hardly tell.

Chained sunglasses DIY

And there they are. You can kind of see where the glue gummed up the works on the right side, but it’s not terribly noticeable.

Chained sunglasses DIY

Now as a general rule, I don’t do anything that stands out too much around my face. No big crazy hair or super noticeable makeup. I like to keep it simple. But I LOVE these sunglasses even though I was worried they might be a bit to attention grabbing for my tastes.

These are going to make the best vacation sunglasses, too! It’s so nice to not have to grab your sunglasses pouch out of your purse and put your sunglasses away when walking into the snake house at the zoo or something. You just take them off and let them drop!

I bought tortoise shell sunglasses because I knew I wanted to use this chain and I was trying to make the chain kind of subtle. BUT, you can always go gold on black sunglasses, silver on red, whatever suits your taste!

Think you’ll be rocking some chained sunglasses? Let me know if you’re going to be taking on this trend headfirst 3 years late with me!


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