• Peeps Bird’s Nests Easter Treats

    March 10, 2016

    Now I don’t know if before today I’ve ever actually eaten a Peep. But every year I admire all of the pretty, bright colors so this year I decided to make a sweet, dessert treat with them. When I spied on the package that they are gluten free, I thought I’d give one a go.…

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  • Tender and Juicy Oven Steaks

    March 2, 2016

    Daddy is king of the grill. He makes the BEST steaks. And so when he said that he has been cooking his steaks in the oven I was pretty dang surprised. Knowing that the man knows his steak, when he asked if I wanted to take notes to make my own steaks at home I…

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  • 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

    February 24, 2016

    When you think about it it’s pretty awesome that Rob has taken to my gluten free diet with no complaints. Like, ever. It’s almost as if he has the same dietary restrictions as me the way we live. When we go to get pancakes on the island at this sweet little cafe that makes them…

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  • Don’t Break my Heart Chocolate Valentine Bark

    January 21, 2016

    Sometimes things make more sense in your head than in real life. For instance, in my head this seemed brilliant and when I showed the finished product to Rob he was enthusiastic (well as enthusiastic as he tends to get :) about how pretty it was and how neat it was. He then asked what…

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  • Pork Chops with Apples & Onions in a Creamy Sage Sauce

    January 13, 2016

    Pork chops are, by far, one of my most favorite meals ever. Mimmie always fried up big chops with the bones still in them and would toss them into a pile and I’d just sit there waiting for dinner. Served with mashed potatoes and Mimmie’s Awesome Gravy (that’s seriously what we call it after oldest…

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  • Make Bubble Tea at Home

    January 6, 2016

    The first time I had bubble tea I didn’t like it. I thought it was strange big tapioca balls up a big straw. But, as it turned out, I now love those big ol’ tapioca balls. The thing I really didn’t like was the taste. I had gotten a very “manufactured” strawberry flavor that tasted…

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  • No Fail Bundt Cake – Bake a Gorgeous and Easy Cake!

    December 30, 2015

    Sometimes you want to impress people. It’s just human nature. Nobody wants to bring in the scraggly homemade whatever to the potluck to have it pushed to the side where people say “it tastes so much better than it looks!” while the prettiest thing around gets oohs and aahs from the crowd. So today I’m…

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  • Easy Pumpkin Butter Recipe

    December 12, 2015

    Make no mistake about it I know just how lucky I am right now. The other day Rob was driving me from store to store looking for an item for a sponsored post that was stupidly elusive. We’d call ahead and “yes we have it” to get there and have them say “we do have…

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  • Gummy Leaf Candy Cupcake Toppers

    November 13, 2015

    I have learned that my car horn is woefully inadequate. Imagine that you are driving and some IDIOT decides they are going to turn left from the go straight lane and they must assume that you’ll naturally dodge them. Or perhaps they didn’t think at all? At any rate they’re coming right at you and…

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