The Cat and The Canary No Sew Applique Pillows

April 1, 2014Allison Murray

These too cute feline and bird no sew appliques are applied to pillows for some super cute decor!

I’ve gotten the redecorating but and it would appear it’s contagious. Now both my sister and I have big, BIG plans to make over our bedrooms. And it’s pretty darn amazing at how different are tastes are. I mean, we act alike and we sound so much alike that my dad, while on the phone or in the other room, sometimes calls us just ‘hon’ so that he doesn’t offend us by not knowing who we are. But we don’t care because he gets to do all of the hard work!

And now that we’ve started the beginnings of our new rooms, my Momma wants to redo her guest room which, as far as I’m concerned, will always be my room! And guess what? Her room makeover is going to be completely different still!

You may have guessed it by now, but the scheme my sister is going for is bright and colorful! But not in a childish way but in a classy way. And when she asked if I could make her pillows, one with a cat and one with a bird, I was all over it and we went straight to fabrics for her to pick out her two favorite prints.


These too cute feline and bird no sew appliques are applied to pillows for some super cute decor!

So head on over to iLoveToCreate to see how to make these super cute no sew appliques PLUS a little mini tutorial on how I like to sew my own pillows including my little tip for getting super sharp corners!

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  • RaCh

    April 1, 2014 at 9:56 AM

    Love them! I also love how you styled them with your poodle lamp, which is one of my favorite tutorials you’ve ever done!

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