Candy Firecrackers Tutorial at Mom Spark!

July 2, 2013Allison Murray

Make candy firecrackers out of Rolos and construction paper!

I don’t often focus on crafts easy for kids but I really should and plan on trying to develop more of that sort of thing for the blog. When I do make something that kids would love it always makes me really happy. As a kid crafting wasn’t something special we did. It was something we just did. All. Of. The. Time.

But the thing is, I have an incredibly crafty mother, grandmother and even father. So while other kids were coloring in store-bought coloring books, I was coloring the pictures my grandmother drew up for potential clothing pattern designs. Or instead of watching television, I was on the back porch helping my grandfather build and paint tree houses or handing my dad wood as he made a gigantic focal wall in our living room.

Make candy firecrackers out of Rolos and construction paper!

But not every kid has such a crafty family surrounding them. Some parents need a little bit of help coming up with fun projects to do with their kids or keep their crafty kids busy. Which is why I’m so stoked to share this fun, easy and cheap Candy Firecrackers Tutorial at Mom Spark!

With some tube shaped candy like Rolos or Mentos, construction paper and glue you or your kiddos can make these fun candy treats to share this week at your Fourth of July get together!


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