Button Down Shirt Refashion

March 7, 2015Rachil Luke
Turn a button down shirt into a button down skirt. Nifty!

Spring is in the air, or at least it has been the last few days here in NC. I got to wear shorts to school the other day and it felt amazing. The season change is inspiring me to change up my wardrobe so I went to my trusty “refashion bag” like I did in the tutorial, and these are the results.


I turned an awkward buffalo plaid shirt/dress into a too cute spring skirt find out how you can similarly refashion something below!



  • A slightly too large button up shirt or dress (If it has a tieback waist all the better, if not you can create one with ribbon)
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thin ribbon (lighter to burn frayed edges)


Mostly my problems with this garment is that it’s too short to be a dress but too long to be a shirt…and it has these weird gathered sections on the bodice, which I just didn’t like. Also look, no collar! It desperately needed some DIY love.


Step 1:  Cut the shirt right about 2in. above your tie back strings or where it starts to dip back out at the waist if it doesn’t tie. (If it’s a male fit shirt just cut the length of the skirt you want plus 2 in.) Just make sure there is a button near the top that sits comfortably with the waistband turned down.


Step 2:  Try the skirt on and decide how much you need at the top, I folded my waistband down about 3/4 of an in. Pin all the way around.


Step 3: Sew all the way around the waist. I used a 1/4 in. inseam to accommodate my top button.


Step 4: Now luckily my shirt has tie back strings and two loops for them already, but to make sure it stays up all the time  I need to sew two more loops for the back. I started by cutting a piece of ribbon down to an inch and burning both edges so they didn’t fray.


I then decided on the placement, pined it down by folding over 1/4 an inch and  sewed it right onto the skirt.



Of course when I finally finished it to wear, it was cold again. But I love skirts and leggings so joke’s on you Nature!


If you want to refashion some other clothes check out my dress to gloves refashion or my speech bubble patch tutorial.

Til Next Time!


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